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Environmental Issues Research: Search Ideas

What can you do to help prevent the spread/cause of these environmental issues?

Research the topic in depth: Google Doc Notes--12 points--Due Wednesday, May 8 by end of class
Cite all sources (Must have at least three citations. Two must be from either databases or outside sources (your own searching, not the websites we provided you)--12 points
Create an awareness infographic--22 points
Create a 20-30 second awareness Radio Spot--12 points
Daily Participation--2 points per day X 6 days = 12 points

Global Issues in Context

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SIRS Researcher

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Database Passwords

The password to access the passwords is our school mascot, plural and lowercase.

Dead Zone Gulf of Mexico

How Stuff Works               
NOAA                                        Microbial Life
National Geographic                   CBS News-- Dead Zone
NBC News-Dead Zone                


National Geographic-Deforestation                         Britannica
11 Facts about Deforestation                                 NYT-Deforestation in Brazil
Effects of Deforestation                                         Live Science
Deforestation effects on Ecosystems                      Scientific American
Effects of Deforestation on Animals


Air Pollution

Air Pollution                                             National Geographic
Everything You Need to Know                    NIH-Air Pollution
EPA-Air Pollution Challenges                      China Smog Air
China Air Pollution                                    The Guardian
BBC-China Air Pollution                             NYT-China Air Pollution