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Environmental Issues Research: Radio Spot

5 Radio Spot Tips:

Know Your Audience

Start Strong

"Good radio copy is short. Don’t waste time with boring introductions or verbose explanations because most radio slots are short: Get straight to the point and start hammering the benefits.  “Hey Pandora listeners!” — it grabs the listener’s attention because, hey, they are listening to Pandora. Their ears will perk up"

An Awesome Voiceover

"...everything relies on the voice, tone, pace, variety, and emotion. The speaker needs to sound scared, excited, nervous, calm, etc. if that’s the feel of the commercial..."

Simple and Strong Call to Action

"What is the one thing you want them to do at the end of the radio commercial?"


Between 20-30 seconds


Mr. Bunny. "5 tips to make your radio ads grab attention and sell." Bunny Inc. Blog, Bunny Inc., 4 Dec. 2014, Accessed 4 May 2018. 

Examples of Radio Spots

"Top 10 radio ads of 2016." Campaign, Haymarket Media Group Ltd., 22 Dec. 2016, Accessed 4 May 2018. 

Recording your Radio Spot

Using Voice Memo/Recording App on your device

--Upload to Google Drive and Copy Shareable Link and past on Padlet Located on EOY Science project page

Use WeVideo or iMovie to record (you may have a blank screen for your image)

--Upload to Google Drive and Copy Shareable Link and past on Padlet Located on EOY Science project page