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Volcanoes: Websites

The Dynamic Earth

The Dynamic Earth (National Museum of Natural History) - multi-media version explaining plate tectonics and volcanoes

The Dynamic Earth (National Museum of Natural History) - print version (use on iPad)

Interactives: Dynamic Earth (Annenberg Foundation) - earth structure, plate tectonics, slip, slide & collide

How to cite a website


Volcano World from Oregon State University 

A Deadly Volcanic Eruption in Japan  from Scholastic Science World October 1 2014

Shake, Rattle, & Slide University of Illinois

Earthweek: A Diary of the Planet 

Volcano Explorer Discovery Kids

HOW DO VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS AFFECT SOCIETY?  NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Solid Earth Science Working Group

A LIST OF BENEFITS FROM VOLCANISM from the Volcano Information Center University of California at Santa Barbara, Department of Geological Sciences

 12 Interesting Volcano Facts from Today I Found Out

Volcanoes Earth's Fiery Power from National Geographic