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Volcanoes: Assignment

Constructive & Destructive Forces

Through constructive and destructive forces, Earth’s landscape is constantly built up and torn down.  Violent events such as volcanoes and earthquakes can change the landscape suddenly, while more subtle processes, like weathering, will slowly change the Earth’s surface.  Destructive forces are processes that break down the Earth.  To scientists, volcanoes are known as “constructive” forces. That is, volcanoes often result in the construction of new landforms.

Guiding Questions

How do volcanoes affect plants and animals?

How do volcanoes affect people?

How do volcanoes affect the economy?

How do volcanoes affect the atmosphere and climate?

Think for a minute. Why would people choose to live in an area of volcanic activity?

Describe three ways in which volcanoes are destructive.

Describe three ways in which volcanoes are constructive.


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