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Biography Project: Prezi

6th gr Biography Study

Prezi Tutorial

An example of an AMAZING Prezi

This is an example of just how creative Prezi can allow you to be when you use it to create a presentation.  Watch it not for the content of the presentation (which is marketing for an advertising firm) but for the creativity and use of tools.  You'll get an idea of how you can use to Prezi to make a creative, memorable presentation.

Project Steps and Prezi help

Plan your layout.

Search for images.  Save images to a file in your my documents folder.  Keep track of sites!  You must cite anything other than clip art or your own work!

You can use powerpoint to find clipart.  Save slide as .jpg.

Create Prezi account.

Choose create a new prezi.

Choose blank theme. You can customize the theme with your choice of colors. see Using Themes for help.

Upload a background if you like.

Add your elements.

Create your path!