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Paws to Read: Make Your Poster

Reader's Advisory



Open the template below, Click save as

rename it as your name (first & last) and the change the location to your docs library.  

In Microsoft Publisher, On the VIEW tab, change the view to 75% or greater (but less than 100%) to make it easier to see what you are doing.  

You can modify the colors on the poster by right clicking on the color, go to format table and change the fill color.  Or you can go the page design tab and choose color schemes. Do not spend a lot of time on this!  The critical thing is to add your information to the poster!  Make sure that you can read your text easily if you change colors and/or fonts. 

To upload your picture, right click on the existing picture and choose change picture.  Navigate to your pics folder and choose the book cover you want.  It will fill it in for you!  DO NOT COPY PASTE A PICTURE ON TOP OF THE EXISTING PICTURE.  To keep the formatting and size of the picture the same you need to follow the steps above.  

You may need to adjust your font and font size to fit the text box.  Do not use font smaller than 12 point. 

Save often!  It does not autosave!!

When you have completed the poster, save it to your My docs folder as your first name last name 

Save your poster again to Mrs. Nocita's folder on the resource drive under your teacher and hour. Click file save as, go to Resource Folder, Teachers, Nocita, then find your class' folder by teacher name and class.  If you need assistance with this, please ask!


Lastly, save it again as a jpeg instead of as a publisher file  

see the document in shared folder for how to do this if you don't know how


Fair Use Statement

This statement must added to the bottom of your poster. You can copy/paste.

This presentation may contain copyrighted material used under the educational fair use exemption to U.S. copyright law.

Works Cited

Create your bibliography for each picture you used (= 6) 

Title it (Works Cited LTW (first name) (teacher & hr) and share the googledoc with Mrs. Nocita 

For example: Works Cited Sally Joe Moonbeam Young hr 1

Follow this format for each image: (you will need to change the date to today's date)

Works Cited

“Legend by Marie Lu.” NoveList Plus. Ebsco, n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2013.

“Partials by Dan Wells.” NoveList Plus. Ebsco, n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2013.

Title of book and author in quotation marks. NoveList Plus in italics period, n.d. (=no date) Web period today's date month year period.