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Paws to Read: Smore Reader's Profile

Reader's Advisory

Reader's Profile Template

Developing a Definition of Reading through Investigation in Middle School

The idea is that you end up with a picture of who you are as a reader  to inspire and inform you in your reading selections.

Fair Use Statement

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SMORE Example



Smore is one of the easiest platforms for online publishing. In just a matter of minutes, you can publish your online flyer and have your content out on the web. You can create sleek flyers and web content that is eye-catching, interesting, and easy to navigate.

Compatible with: laptop 123.PNGand ipad 123.PNG


Since Smore is so easy to use and navigate, students can create flyers to demonstrate their understanding of a concept in no time. By simply choosing from the types of content from the Smore menu, students can add videos, links, text, photos, events, and much more.

Smore gives students the opportunity to be creative and choose how they want to share their knowledge.

SMORE Tutorial