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Stop That Door! (Physics and Simple Machines)

What is the problem?

I have a heavy classroom door and I’m having a hard time keeping it open. I wonder if it is the door’s weight, the angle of the doorstop, or some other factor that is keeping me from propping my door open.

Everytime I think I have a solution my door creeps shut. I’ve tried wedged door stops made of rubber and wood, yet they aren’t doing the job. My math teacher is challenging me to find a solution to this problem.

What is your hypothesis? What variables will you include in your study?

The Problem

Doorstop in the News

A rare Ming Dynasty vase that had been used as a doorstop in a New York home has sold for $1.3 million at auction.

The blue and white moon flask was auctioned Wednesday at Sotheby's sale of Chinese works of art. Its presale estimate was $600,000 to $900,000.

The piece had been in the same family collection for decades. The auction house said the family decided to sell it after seeing a similar piece in a Sotheby's advertisement.

They had the vase on a wooden stand that was used as a doorstop in their Long Island home.

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