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Determination Prompts: Home

Prompt One

-Write an argumentative essay presenting the argument that Chinese, African American, and female workers were mistreated during the American Gold Rush.  Use information from your own research and the texts “A Women’s View of the Gold Rush” (text pg. 138) and “Chinese and African Americans in the Gold Rush” (text pg. 144) to support your claim.

Prompt Two

-Write an argumentative essay where you state and defend a claim about the values of determination and communication.  Build evidence for your claim by analyzing 3 pieces of text (*survival novel, literature book text set p. 398 “GRIT”, p. 404 Race to the End of The Eart, p.424 Water, p. 420 Letter on Thomas Jefferson)

What does it mean to be determined, is it enough to feel and act determined, or must a person always communicate his or her determination to others?