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Roaring 1920's: Home


1920s Crash Course by John Green

Slang from the 1920's


"Radio stations began to air regular broadcasts in the 1920s. Radios linked Americans from coast to coast, allowing them to hear the same programs--and the same advertisements. In the 1920s Americans with means had new choices in entertainment, travel, fashion and convenience." from United States History

You will create a radio show that contains a breaking news story, an interview with a famous person and an advertisement for a product.

  • Examples of breaking news stories: 1st Negro League World Series, Jazz Age, Coolidge becomes President, Teapot Dome scandal, Harding's death, assembly lines, Kellogg-Briand Pact, Red Scare, Emergency Quota Act of 1921, National Origins Act of 1924, 18th Amendment, Al Capone, Scopes Trial, Great Migration, Indian Citizenship Act, 1921 World Series, Harlem Renaissance

  • Examples of interview with a famous person: Henry Ford, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, George Washington Carver, Bruce Barton, Marcus Garve, Al Capone, President Coolidge, assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, Babe Ruth


  • Examples of advertisements:  Ford Model T, steel for cars, rubber for car tires, glass for windows, car repairs, car insurance, waching machine, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators,


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