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1960's Research Project: Step Four: Creating a Script


You will need to type in MLA format a script for your Photo Story. You might need to begin with a brief introduction of your person or topic but remember the focus is on answering your essential question with textual support. Your script should be a minimum of 10 sentences and a maximum of 15.

Mark your script to indicate what you will say on each slide. Then find a picture to go with each picture. You must have a minimum of 5 pictures plus a title slide and picture citation slide.

Sample Script

Why was Elvis Presley a national phenomenon?

Elvis Presley was considered the “King” of rock and roll.  He was able to change the direction of culture and music of the 1960's through his dance moves, style and attitude. Elvis appealed to mass audiences with a form of music that was influenced by gospel, rhythm and blues and country music. The music impacted teenagers as they flocked to the sound that was considered controversial by adults because it was loud and out of control.  Adults believed rock and roll was influencing juvenile delinquency. Elvis also rose to fame because of his appearance and hip shaking. His style of dress was inspired by his Memphis, Tennessee upbringing.  His dancing moves were considered provocative for the time period.  He was nicknamed “Elvis the Pelvis” by the press.  By his third appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the cameras shot him from the waist up so his hips could not be seen.  Because of this censorship, he became even more popular.  Rolling Stone Magazine wrote, "It was Elvis who made rock n' roll the international language of pop". To this day Elvis holds the record for the most Top Forty hits.  Although he has been dead for over 30 years, he remains one of the top money makers amongst deceased celebrities.

Essential Questions:

1) What did the person do? or What was the event? (Provide a brief overview of the topic.)

2) What motivated the person or inspired the event?

3) Who or what did it / does it impact?