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Natural Disasters: Blogs

Natural Disaster Blogs

Blog Entry #1

First Blog:

Title your blog a creative title that describes your experience with a natural disaster.

Answer the following:

A)Describe an experience you have had with a natural disaster. Your story should be at least 5-7 sentences long.

Blog Entry #2

For your second blog you will provide creative and funny tips for survival BUT the information must be based on facts.  Start with a brief introduction of the problem. Then, provide at least 4 how-to, hands-on, step-by-step instructions. The title of your blog should begin with “How to Survive…”

Blog Entry #3

Title your blog the Name of your book and author

Answer the following questions about you literature circle book:

1. Write a summary of the book without giving away the ending. You want to keep the reader in suspense and make them want to check out the book. You MUST use exactly 125 words.

2. What was your favorite charater from the book and why? Provide evidence from the book to support your answer.

3. Why did or didn't you like the book? Give 3 specific reasons with evidence from the book to explain your viewpoint.

4. Who would you recommend read this book? You could include the grade level and type of personality characteristics.

5. Rate your book from 1 to 5 Stars. 1: Don't read this book!   
                                                    2: You have nothing else to read.
                                                    3: It is so-so.
                                                    4: One of my favorites. I recommend it.
                                                    5: One of the best books I have read! I highly recommend it!

Creating a Post

Blog Rules

This blog can only be viewed by 6th grade students at OTMS. It will also be viewed by Mr. Chugg, Mrs. Berman, Ms. Shanks and Mrs. Loffredo. These blogs are for academic purposes so please respect the intentions of the assignment. Postings will be approved by one of your teachers and may be removed or excluded if deemed innapropriate.

Posting Comments:

1. NEVER give out ANY personal information.  Don't use names of real people (including yourself), place, addresses (street or email), phone numbers etc..

2. Use appropriate language for school.  No slang, vulgar language, derogatory comments, obscene comments, swearing etc..

3. Write in English without text slang or abbreviations and use complete sentences; all responses should be written using conventional English.

4. When disagreeing with someone, do it in a polite and respectful manner.  Talk about topics, not people. For example: I respectfully disagree, you make a good point, I support..

5. Focus on the learning topic.  This is not a social blog. This is not a place to "shout out" to your friends.

6. Anything quoted, paraphrased or copied from another source MUST be cited.