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Touching Spirit Bear: Home


Welcome to the Touching Spirit Bear LibGuide!

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  • Cole Matthews is a violent teen offender convicted of viciously beating a classmate, Peter, causing neurological and psychological problems. Cole elects to participate in Circle Justice, an alternative sentencing program based on traditional Native American practices that results in his being banished to a remote Alaskan Island where he is left to survive for a year. Cynical and street smart, he expects to fake his way through the preliminaries, escape by swimming off the island, and beat the system, again. But his encounter with the Spirit Bear of the title leaves him desperately wounded and gives him six months of hospitalization to reconsider his options.

Group Research Description

Description of Task:

Each group is assigned a topic that relates to the novel, Touching Spirit Bear.  The group is to do thorough research over their topic and present their findings to their peers.  The purpose of this task is to make sure everyone has the background information needed to fully understand the novel they will read.  Each group will be given three days to research and three days to prepare their presentation.

Research requirements will be found on each of the topic pages.  You will use Noodle Tools to create your bibliography and take notes.