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Touching Spirit Bear: Presentation

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Touching Spirit Bear Pre-Read Presentation Rubric



*Meets all presentation requirements:                                                      8 pts

   Time limit 2-5 minutes                                                                                           

   Everyone in group speaks                                                                           

   Presented in organized order                                                                              

   Included appropriate amount of pics/visuals/animations                      

      ***Limited text---no paragraphs or information

      ***Presentation will include at least 1 visual (picture/image) per slide (except on sources slide)


*Presentation accurately contains all required information:                  8 pts

   All research will be included in presentation-must include information from each of the required notecards


*Presentation includes appropriate & useful effects

  (music, text, animations, visual media) that engages listener from

 beginning to end:                                                                                       8 pts


*Presentation includes an audience note sheet that follows                

accurately with the presentation:                                                                8 pts

      ***Audience members need to be able to take accurate notes from the presentation using the provided notes sheet.



Presentation has no misspellings/grammatical errors                          10 pts

                        “                      1                                                                     8 pts 

                        “                      2                                                                     6 pts

                        “             more than 2                                                            4 pts


*Voice                                                                                          8 pts                             

   ***Speaks slowly, clearly and is easy to understand    


*Sources Cited                                                                                             8 pts                                       ***Last slide of presentation will include all sources used