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Ancient Egypt: Task 1: Project Info and NT set up

What's so great about Ancient Egypt?

Noodle Tools Set Up

1. Login to Noodle Tools  


2. Title- Last name, First Name--Selected Topic

Ex. Wayne, John--Horseback Riding

3. Share with Social Studies teacher

4. Research question: What is so great about (selected topic)? 

5. Cite 1 source before taking notes

Website-->Copy & Paste the given citation--How To Video

Learning Objectives

Students will locate and accesses information.

Students expand note-taking skills using paraphrasing and summarizing.

Students practice distinguishing between reliable and accurate sources.

Students identify parts of a citation.

Students use proper citation formats.

Students use electronic devices safely and appropriately.

Students complete projects with technology using teacher-selected tools.

Note Card

Your note card must be attached to a source!

If you have a Person or Group of People, your notecard needs to address the following:

Description-Who were they and what did they do during their life?

Memorable Moments- 3 interesting facts

Impact on Ancient Egypt-Why are we still learning about this person today?

 If you have a Place, your notecard needs to address the following:

Description-Location, Time Period, and Appearance

Memorable Moments- 3 Interesting Facts 

Impact on Ancient Egypt-Significance--why was this place important?

If you have an Object, your notecard needs to address the following:

Description-Describe what it looked like, what it's purpose was and the time period it was in effect

Interesting Facts- 3 Additional facts 

Impact on Ancient Egypt- Significance or Importance of object and how it impacts Egypt

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