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Public Service Announcement : Storyboards and Pictures

Step One: Selecting Facts and Outlining

The first step in creating your public service announcement is taking your notes and outlining your PSA in a storyboard.  Pick out the most important and impactful information from you notes to create your PSA.  Use the provided storyboard to help with outlining.  You are welcome to rearrange your PSA, just remember to include all of the required elements.   Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation is expected.

Step Two: Pictures and Citing Pictures in Noodle Tools

Your next step in this storyboarding process is to  locate and save images to be used in your video.  Because public service announcements share a ton of information in a short period of time (2 minutes), you should include images that communicate powerful emotions and ideas.  Quality images can catch a viewer's attention and tell a story all at once.  Create a file in your pictures file called PSA.  This is where you should save all images you find.

  • When you save the pictures in your file include a name for the picture as well as the website it was found.  For example:  tent city found on Flickr.  You do not need to include the entire website address.
  • You will need to include your picture citations in your Noodle Tools bibliography.  Watch the video to find out how to do this.
  • Save all pictures as .jpg in your PSA picture file.

When it is complete, have it approved by Mrs. Harvey or your teacher and then proceed to the next step.


View the movie below for instructions on how to cite your pictures in Noodle Tools.