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Public Service Announcement : PSA Research/Project Criteria

Gale Global Issues in Context - THIS IS A GOOD ONE!!!



Useful Websites

You must also use a website in your research.  Choose your website carefully.  Evaluate who created it, when it was updated and watch for bias.

Websites that end in .org, .edu, or .gov are the best ones to use.

The United Nations and Unicef have great information on them.

Choose your website carefully!!!


Here are some websites you may find useful. Nations Something -Unicef -PBS -Stop the Hunger

Noodle Tools

Click below to access Noodle Tools.

Research Requirements

You are to research more indepth and detailed over your choosen topic.  You are to use NoodleTools to cite your sources and take notes.  You are to use 3 or more valid sources for your research.  One source needs to be from a database, one from your video notes, and another needs to be an aid website.

Each Person:  5 to 6 Total Notes done by end of hour Friday, April 22nd:

1. Who Notecard

2. History or What is the problem Notecard

3. What's being done--This is your organization Notecard

4. What can citizens do to help Notecard

5. Statistics Notecard

6. Misc/Extra from other cards Notecard

 Reminder: Notes should be several lines of bullets, not one or two bullets


In your noodletools notes taken online, research should cover the following topics: (Remember, bulleted notes capturing key concepts in own words. Label notes by topic) 


1)      Who? (Describe the the people being affected by the problem. What area of the world is the problem happening in. How many people are being affected?  What services are provided? )


2)  What is the history of problem?  (How did the problem develop? Why is it so difficult to fix? What is causing it to continue?)

3)  Who is working to aid the problem?  (What is the organization's motivation? How were they established? What is their mission statement? How does the information help the people being affected?)  Include the contact information about your organization and make sure they are a valid aid organization

4)      What are  things citizens can do to help the problem? (volunteer, write to congress/senate/raise awareness, etc.)


5)     Important statistics: What are statistics that support the need for aid on this problem? Comparison satitstics to use your movie? (Important: At least 4 statistics must be about problem and not a comparison)

A statistic is a collection of data. Here are some examples of statistic:

  • 7% of children in Kansas are homeless.

You may search for these statistics on the internet if you can't find them on your website. You must site the website in which you found the information. Make sure the website is a reliable source. "" is not a reliable source. When searching, try putting in your topic + statistics.

  • For example: homeless + statistics 

6)     Additional Information: Are there other things you can add to show a deeper understanding of your problem?



PSA Grading Rubric

Below is the rubric that will be used when grading your public service announcement. Make a note that the rubric gives you the requirements for a 'B',  you will need to go above and beyond to earn an 'A.'