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Science Investigation Project: Home

What should I research?

Below are some suggested topics that were presented in class on Monday, September 29.


Monday, Sept. 29--Introduce assignment & select topic

Tuesday, Sept. 30--Begin research (Early Release day)

Wednesday, Oct. 1--Research, take notes, cite sources

Thursday, Oct. 2--Research, take notes, cite sources

Friday, Oct. 3--return to classroom

Monday, Oct. 6--research, take notes, cite sources

Tuesday, Oct. 7--finish research, turn in works cited

Friday, Oct. 10--one paragraph describing project is due to your Science teacher

Wednesday, Oct. 15--Hypothesis & Question due to your teacher

Tuesday, Oct. 21--Outline or step-by-step explanation of experiment due.  Include materials, control group, independent and dependent variables.

Wednesday, Oct. 29--Identify your independent and dependent variables, describe how you will conduct a control group, and how your experiment will be controlled.  Due today.

Friday, Nov. 1--Type a paragraph explaining how you are progressing with your project.  How are you collecting data?  Take pictures and show teacher. Save pictures.

Wednesday, Nov. 5--Complet experiment write up is due.  Include all parts of the experiment including charts, graphs, and data.  Use page 9 in textbook to drscribe the scientific method.  A 2-paragraph conclusion is due.  Include if your hypothesis is correct.  Why or why not?  Use data to proove.

Wednesday, Nov. 19--Begin presentation to explan project.  Return to library.

Tuesday, Nov. 24--Presentation is due.