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Science Investigation Project: Voice Threads

Voice Thread Log In

Yor login information is:

Email = bluevalley email address

(firstinitalmiddleinitiallast name

Password = Student ID number

The identity names were assigned randomly using the following lists below.  Anonymity is important for honest feedback.

Dream Works characters

Looney Toons characters

Pixar characters

Set-Up Voice Tread Directions

1.  Log in by clicking icon above.

2.  Log in using information above.

3.  Double check on left of screen.  Organization = Aubry Bend & Group = Hour & Science Teacher

4.  Click on email at top right of screen. 

5.  Click on My Identities.

6.  Write down your Identitiy name. 

7.  Add picture--click on My Identityand edit.

8.  Browse for appropriate picture.  It CANNOT BE A PICTURE OF YOU.

9. Upload picture by clicking on "select an image"

Sample Voice Thread


Tuesday, November 12--Introduce Voice Thread, Sign Up, How to Create, Draft your Voice Thread.

Wednesday & Thursday, November 13 & 14--Create your project in Voice Thread

Friday,November 15--Share with others & comment.  Comment Expectations

Create your Voice Thread

1.  Log in to

2.  Click on Create.

3.  Add title of Voice Thread.  Do not include your name.

4.  Upload images.

5.  Add comments to each image.  Include:

   A.  Idea/Topic

   B.  What did you research?

   C.  Hypothesis

   D.  Experiment, step by step.  How did you set it up?  Materials? Variables & Control Groups.

   E.  Data you collected.

   F.  Conclusion--was your hypothesis correct?  Explain.

Subject Guide

Share & Comment

To Share

Click on "share" and click on hour.

To Comment

1.  Click on "Aubry Bend" under Organizations.

2.  Click on the Voice Thread you would like to view.

3.  Add questions or constructive feed back as you view.  Use details and explanation as you comment.  Give reasons as you comment.