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Course Description

EL0342, EL0343 English Language Arts 12

Prerequisite: 3 credits of high school English Language Arts

Grades: 12 Credit: 1

English Language Arts 12 is a year-long class that seeks to offer the best of contemporary, British, and world literature. Students may explore a variety of genres such as non-fiction, satire, mystery, science fiction, poetry and drama. Since this course celebrates the diversity of genres in our culture, students will analyze and interpret the roles of these genres in their lives. Through reader response, literary analysis, and persuasive writing, students will continue to improve and develop their personal writing skills. Emphasis also will be placed on reading strategies to prepare students for successful post-secondary and lifelong reading.

Note: If a student plans on graduating at the end of first semester of his/her senior year, he/she will need to take English Language Arts 12 and one other English Language Arts course during first semester to meet graduation requirement (unless the student earned additional English Language Arts credit earlier).

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