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ELA 11: I-Search: Source Credibility and Databases

Source Credibility Presentation

Search Terms Document

Database Off-Campus Passwords

Group Activity


You will be given an urban legend to research.  You need to do two things:

1. You need to confirm or debunk the legend by researching it using credible websites. 

2. You need to defend why your website is credible when confirming or debunking your urban legend.

Group 1: Bacteria takes 5 seconds before getting on food dropped on the floor.

Group 2: Dogs' saliva is cleaner than humans' saliva.

Group 3: Your computer camera and microphone can be hacked by outside users.

Group 4: Mascara is made from bat guano.

Group 5: Exercising your brain leads to enhanced cognitive levels.

Group 6: Mr. Rogers was a sniper for the army and wore sweaters to cover his tattoos.

Group 7: Adding salt to water makes it boil faster.

Databases and Online Resources

Recommended Databases

Blue Valley Library Media | Blue Valley School District #229 | Overland Park, KS 66223