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Your task:

SUPREME JUSTICE RESEARCH: Research the following information on each Supreme Court member:

  • Who appointed them and when were they appointed?
  • What was the political party of the president who appointed them?
  • What education does the justice have? Where did they go to school?
  • What is their political ideology? Liberal, conservative, or moderate?
  • What is their family background?
  • Provide an interesting fact about each member
  • Find a picture of each member.
  • Give statistics on how many times he has voted in the majority.

VIDEO PROJECT: Working with a partner you will create a video summary over a specific Supreme Court decision.

Your video will include the following:

1.     Background information on the case.

2.     The constitutional issue the court considered

3.     The decision the court issued

4.     Long term significance of the case

Here is the breakdown of the project:

  1. Research - Monday
  2. Write out a script - Monday
  3. Film and upload - Tuesday
  4. If you didn’t upload it Tuesday do it Block Day.
  5. Edit and Save – Block day
  6. Create notes – Friday

ABC Clio

History Reference

Research databases
Limit Your Results

Submit your prezi here!


Video your videos here.

Create your here. You will need to upload your video to YouTube at home to complete your 

If you would like to create your Video Notes at school, please create them in Google Docs. You can add them to your folder where your videos are located. 

Jaywalking Example

Global Issues

Opposing Viewpoints


Research databases
Limit Your Results

Student Research Center

Research databases

Possible Online Video Creation Sites

You have access to Final Cut Pro and Sony Vega Studio at school. If you feel like seeking some other options, here they are:

Screen Cast-o-matic


Educreations (for iPad folks...)

Google Hangouts On Air

Blue Valley Library Media | Blue Valley School District #229 | Overland Park, KS 66223