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Computer Applications-Final Assignment: Part 4: Budgeting

Budgeting Websites

How much money will I really have to live?


  • Check Date will be June 1 of this year
  • Do not round federal withholding
  • State Withholding:  Kansas
  • You are not exempt from federal tax, FICA or Medicare (leave blank)
  • Gross Pay:  Amount from research of your career
  • Total Allowances:  1
  • Gross Salary YTD:  Leave blank
  • Additional State Withholding:  0
  • Pay Frequency:  Monthly
  • Exempt State:  No
  • Federal Filing Status:  Single
  • Filing Status:  Single
  • # of Federal Allowance:  1
  • No voluntary deductions. 
  • No additional Federal Withholding
  • Reset the calculator to one other state you have chosen.  


Using an Excel spreadsheet, decide on a format that incorporates all of the information you have gathered and create your spreadsheet.





Save this spreadsheet as:


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