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Computer Applications-Final Assignment: Part 3: Living

Where am I going to live?

After you earn that degree you will probably have to make decisions as to where you will search for a position in career field.  Chances are that new position may take you out of the Kansas City area.  In this section you will calculate the cost of living in five different cities in different states.  Using the salary figure for your number one career choice, and using Kansas City, Missouri, as your starting city, you will compare the cost of living with the salary you found to any five of the cities listed below: (online comparison tool)


Los Angeles, California         New York City, New York               

Chicago, Illinois                     San Francisco, California               

Boston, Massachusetts         Portland, Maine                              

Memphis, Tennessee            New Orleans, Louisiana                 

Las Vegas, Nevada               Detroit, Michigan                            

Honolulu, Hawaii                   Denver, Colorado

Washington, D.C.                 Indianapolis, Indiana

Austin, Texas                        St. Louis, Missouri

Salt Lake City, Utah              Seattle, Washington


Create a worksheet to record the following information about the five cities you choose:

  • Salary you will need in that city to compare to the salary you would earn in Kansas City, Missouri (or the KC metro)
  • Population                                         
  • Married Population
  • Single Population
  • Four Year Graduates
  • High School Graduates
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Median Home Cost
  • Male/Female Population
  • Median Age






Save this spreadsheet as:


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