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Pecha Kucha Presentation: Image Resources

Searching for Images


You are expected to use Creative Commons to find ALL of your images for your presentation.

Searching Creative Commons is easy:

  1. Click on the "Creative Commons" image above > "Openverse" will open - you are in the right place!
  2. On the search bar, click "All Content" to filter to "Images" > search for your photos!
  3. After you find an image, right click and copy your image (if you click "Get this image," most likely the site will be blocked; you want to copy the image directly from CC). **You should also save your image somewhere just to be safe.**
  4. After you paste your image into your storyboard, copy the attribution for the image (found under "Credit the Creator - Rich Text").

Remember: The images must be relevant and make sense to what you will be addressing on your slides.

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