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Pecha Kucha Presentation: Home

3/6, Pecha Kucha Presentation

Notecard Checkpoint Wed, 3/1

2/22 - Research

What is your problem?

  • How has it changed over time? Why do we care about it?  What do people need to know?

What is one side of this issue?

What are opposing sides?

Introduction - Day 1 (2/10)

Goal: Identify a current problem, offer a potential solution, and present your best ideas in an engaging, interesting way, which will include:

  • Research

  • Creative thinking

  • Digital presentation

  • Oral presentation

As you search for a potential topic, look for a story that focuses upon a social injustice, a pursuit for a new beginning, or an example of perseverance that represents a greater struggle.  This doesn’t have to focus on a massive issue such as genocide in another country. You should focus on a local, smaller scale issue that impacts our society—a problem to which you offer a potential solution(s). You could also consider the major themes of The Things They Carried as potential ideas to guide your search for a topic:

  • Storytelling & Memory

  • Social Obligation

  • Shame & Guilt

  • Mortality & Death

  • Morality

Your goal is to PERSUADE rather than merely inform the audience about your topic (the problem).  While a segment of the presentation will focus upon essential background information, you must develop a central opinion that develops into a call for action.

Assignment Guidelines & Schedule

Slide breakdown & planning guide: CLICK the table to use this if you need guidance when researching

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