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Booktrailers - CA II: Jaycut


How to Save/Publish

Make sure you register and create an account so you can save your project.

Once you start adding to your video project, make sure to save.  It is located on the bottom left side of screen.

To FINISH your video:

1.  Click Publish/Download movie (bottom right side of screen).

2.  Choose On The Web.  

3.  Choose Export to Jaycut.

To SUBMIT your video to the library:

1. After your video has published, Choose My Jaycut.

2. Click on the video and play it.

3. From this screen choose Share/Save.

4. Choose Any Email.

5. Insert

6. Be sure to include your school email as the reply to email, enter the code then submit.

Please let Mrs. Bolton know if you have any questions.

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