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Media and Pop Culture: Stop Motion Project

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Steps to Complete Stop Motion

Step 1: Review assignment guidelines

1. Read Ms. Davis's assignment guidelines for the stop motion project and look at the rubric for how it is graded.

2. Watch example stop motion videos from past students and some professionals.

Step 2: Storyboard

1. Make a copy of the storyboard template.

  • Storyboard template
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: You should have a specific script at the bottom of each of the panes, and you should know what you are doing in each shot.  This does NOT have to have detailed visuals.  You can choose to draw basic visuals or even describe what the visuals will be. 
  • ​​Storyboard example
    • Your visuals don't even have to be this specific, but it is important you have a specific script!
Step 3: Film your video

Using iMotion on the iPad provided or on your phone (if you choose to download it), film your video.

Step 4: Add a title, music, credits and voiceover in WeVideo

1. Using WeVideo (or other video editing software of your choice), add your voiceover (the script from your storyboard), a title, and any other extra elements to make your stop motion project amazing!

2. Submit your final product!  

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