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21st Century Journalism - Court Case TikToks: Presentation

Video Components

Video requirements: 

  • 60 seconds (or less)

  • Name of court case on opening screen

  • Interesting/relevant graphics (at least 5)

  • 5 research questions addressed

  • Good quality audio included (music, voiceover, or both!)

  • Include works cited

  • Submit to Canvas

*Remember, this is TikTok style - you will NOT be using Tik Tok to create this! Instead, you will use Canva.

**You must get your outline approved by Mrs. Chushuk or Mrs. Bowlin before you can begin creating your video.**

Submitting Canva Video: Click Share > Download > MP4 video (should be default file type) > Download > Submit downloaded file to Canvas

Questions? Ask a librarian!

Video Resources


What we liked: audio is clear and informative

What we didn't like: only one image to look at, no background audio, no text support, sources not included at the end

What we liked: audio is clear and informative, background music doesn't overshadow voiceover, many stickers and gifs to support story, voiceover is clear and concise

What we didn't like: no text support, sources not included at the end

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