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21st Century Journalism - Court Case TikToks: Home


Research your assigned court case dealing with student publications. You will create a TikTok style video  for your assigned court case. Here are the questions you need to be sure to answer in your presentation: 

•What was the primary issue? (aka What is the court case about?)

•Who was involved? (names, roles, etc.)

•When did it happen?

•Who won? (make sure to only focus on FINAL decision)

•How does this affect what WE (in high school journalism) do?

Library Schedule:

  • Day 1, 3/25 & 3/26: Assignment overview; assignment of cases; planning/research guide; begin writing script
  • Day 2, 3/27 & 3/28 : Finish writing script (must be approved by Mrs. Chushuk or a librarian before recording); begin making video
  • Day 3, 3/29 : Record and edit video
  • Day 4, 4/1 & 4/2: Finish video and submit

Due date for TikTok video:

  • 5th hour: due end of day, submitted to Canvas, 4/1
  • 4th hour: due end of day, submitted to Canvas, 4/2

Research and Planning

Requirements - 3 things to submit

1. Planning and Research document (submit to Canvas; once when research is complete; again once outline/script is complete)

2. TikTok (style) video (examples and requirements can be found on the presentation tab above)

3. Final note-taking graphic organizer (not yet available to view - will be completed in class after videos submitted)


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