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Research Practice (ELA III): Home

Mrs. Rinearson's Class

1.  Tuesday, Jan. 6:  set up accounts in NoodleTools; create project; add CNN Wire and FairTest sources to works cited (note:  7th hour still needs to add FairTest)

2.  Wednesday, Jan. 7: Bibliography, quotations, annotations

3.  Thursday, Jan. 8: in-text citations

4. Friday, Jan. 9 (computer lab): write paragraph using skills from days 1-3; submit paragraph and research by end of class today!!!

5. Block Day, Jan 14/15: Review feedback/self-reflection and revision; Overview of databases; independent research 



Research databases
Limit Your Results

Dr. Golden's Class

1.  Wednesday, Jan. 7: Set up accounts in NoodleTools; create project; begin works cited

2.  Thursday, Jan. 8: Create "real" project and share with partner; enter bibliographic info from The Atlantic; find/print/annotate related article in one of the databases (add to works cited)

3. Friday, Jan. 9: continue work on annotations, adding to works cited, etc.

3.  Tuesday, Jan. 13: 

4.  Friday, January 16

Global Issues

Opposing Viewpoints

SIRS Researcher