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Government - Final Project: Home

Assignment Guidelines

The State of Kansas has appropriated funding for a PSA campaign to encourage Kansans to comply with mitigation strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 across the state. A more compliant public would prevent the need for government mandated policies regarding masking, distancing and capacity limits including but not limited to closing businesses, schools and gatherings at the local, county and state level.

You (or you in your group of 2-3 total) represent your public relations/advertising agency and will “pitch” your ideas in an ad/PSA campaign designed to meet the state’s goals. For this project you will submit the following:

  1. A one page briefing paper (with an additional *bibliography page) citing the current COVID situation in the State of Kansas and information on how this research relates to your target audience for the ad campaign and why strategies matter. You must use databases/scholarly articles for this research.

  2. A plan, storyboard, and script for each of the following elements.

  3.  A combination of TWO of the following: (2 bullet points are required)

  • Two 15 second PSA video ads
  • One 30 second PSA video ad
  • Four 15 second radio PSA spots
  • Three PSA print ads
  • Four Social Media PSA campaigns: Instagram ad, TikTok ad, Facebook ad post, Twitter tweets and/or Snapchat ad.


*You will create your bibliography in NoodleTools.

**Elements of this project will be due before the final submission date. Project drafts will be graded as a preview on Jan 4th. The completed project will be due Jan 8th at 3:30 PM.

Project Submission

If you created a social media campaign/print ads, download images as PDFs and submit the PDFs to Canvas.

If you created a video using iMovie, export your movie as a file and then upload it to Studio in Canvas. Follow these instructions for how to submit your video.

If you created a video/radio spot using WeVideo, follow the instructions below.

As always, if you need help, use our "Ask a Librarian" feature located on the right side of your LibGuide.

How to Have a Successful PSA Campaign

Here are the keys to having a successful PSA campaign (adapted from this article):

  1. Decide on the focus of your campaign. Which mitigation strategy are you going to focus on?
  2. Research! Know your stuff and use the most up-to-date info as possible.
  3. Consider your audience. Are you targeting teens? Adults? Kids? This will impact how you convey your message.
  4. Grab your audience's attention. Watch Mrs. Bowlin's favorite 90s PSA here. It's the perfect example of how a simple statement and a frying pan can be all the audience needs to get the point across.
  5. Create a script, but keep it simple! You need to be concise and choose the major/minor points you want to highlight.
  6. Storyboard! This is a crucial step that we will talk more about later.
  7. Film and edit (if creating a video PSA).
  8. Show your PSA to others and get their reaction. This will show you things that you might need to change.