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Government - Final Project: Home

Before we begin...

Take a few minutes with your group to define and understand these words in the context of our project:

campaign advertisement storyboards advocate (verb)
copyright laws voting advocacy issue advocacy


Your Task

You will participate in a culminating activity involving the production of a video campaign used to educate, inform, advocate, or raise awareness on a topic related to government and politics in the form of a video commercial advertisement, PSA or campaign advertisement. 


Project Requirements

  1. Topic research with documentation and attribution (1 page briefing paper)
  2. Formal written project proposal (must be approved before proceeding)
  3. Storyboard and script
  4. Video production (using iPads in LMC)


Briefing Paper

In Canvas, submit a one page brief and bibliography.  Each student will complete their own briefing paper.  Use the following outline to complete these required sections for the one page brief.

I.  Introduction to topic, topic background

II.  Explanation of how the topic is timely and politically relevant.

III.  Explanation of how the topic is related to US National Government and public policy

IV.  Discussion of potential solutions related to the topic.

* a separate bibliography page (MLA)