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Argumentative Essay: Home

Helpful Databases:

For your essay, you MUST use at least 5 articles from the databases. If you are struggling to find articles on your topic, you need to speak with your ELA teacher and a librarian.

Getting Permalinks from Databases

  • You will need to create a Google Doc that houses all of the links to your articles; this way, you can easily find them again when we export the citations to NoodleTools.
  • Most databases require that you copy the "Permalink" for the article. Of course, every database is different when it comes to locating this link.
  • Please follow the instructions below for which link to copy/paste into your Google Doc from the specific database(s) that you use.

Opposing Viewpoints: Choose "Get Link" from the top toolbar above your article.

EBSCO: Choose "Permalink" from the toolbar on the right side of your article.

ProQuest, SIRS, & Issues & Controversies: Copy the URL.

Database Access from Home

Annotated Bibliography Resources

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