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Touring the World: Home

Research Your Country


At home and need access? The password for the password is "password".


Evaluating Sources

Citing Your Sources

1. Go to and Create an Account. Choose - sign in with Google.

2. Click +Add Citation and select your source. 

3. Input information!


Google Tour Creator

Tour Creator - Getting Started

1. Click on the Logo above.

2. Click Getting Started.

3. Login with your BV account.

4. Select "+New Tour".

5. Title it with the name of your country. 

6. Search for the places you are looking for in your country. **Pay attention to where the location is!**

7. Drag the person to the map to change your view.

8. You can add scenes at the bottom. (you will need at least 8 scenes)



2. Click PUBLISH and choose UNLISTED. 

3. Copy share link.

4. Submit your link here:

Need Help?

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Example Google Tour Creators

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