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Vacation Destination: Home

What is the ideal vacation destination? 

Why should people plan, budget, and spend time traveling to your ideal destination?

What to look for:

Topics you may want to include about your destination: 

Where is it located?

Why should people travel there?

What language(s) are spoken there? 

Budget- How much do you need to plan to spend on meals, housing, tourist sites, etc.?

How to be a smart traveler? Safety--(pick-pockets, etc.)  Health concerns--(clean water, any needed shots, etc.)

What is the money exchange rate?

How does one travel within the city--taxis, Uber, buses, subways? How much does this cost?

What is the weather like?  What type of clothing does one need to be prepared?

5 Interesting Facts

Tourism sites?  



Databases and General Sites

Culturegrams- This is the best source to start with!!

Europe Asia Oceania North America None Africa Africa None South 


Database Passwords

The password to access the passwords is our school mascot, plural and lowercase.


Photos for Class is the best source for finding generic images for your presentation.  Make sure to cite the website in Noodle Tools and download all of your images to a Spanish folders in your Google Drive.  You will have access to to your images anywhere.