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Sociology 3D

Examples of Billy Mays Style Pitches:
Quick Chop
Red Copper Pan


To think differently about technology of the future through a sociological viewpoint, you will be learning new software, designing and printing a 3-dimensional functional gadget, and proposing it to your team for mass production.  We will use the library’s 3D printer to print the chosen model for each team.  You will create your own design and you must include a 1 page document that will help you sell your design to your team. 

Your model must:

  • Be designed in 3D
  • Be correctly designed to print easily
  • Include a 1 page document with a proposal for your team and a reflection

Your 1 page document must:

  • List talking points that you will use to sell your design to your team
  • Include a rationale for your design and why it is the best design for your team
  • Include a statement of reflection about sociological approaches to 3D printing
  • Be sure to address how 3D design affected your thinking


Export your tinkercad design as an .stl file and save it to Resources/Cornelius/Inbox. Please include your name and color in the file name.