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Online Textbooks & More: Need to Know!

Helpful reminders and links to BV & PSMS student applications

BV Wifi

Directions to connect to the wireless are below.  Tech help beyond these directions is limited! Device connection guidelines offered as is.

To participate in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) activities you must have a BV Technology Consent File on file. Please check with library staff if you are not sure if you have a form on file. 

 Technology Guidelines

 General Connection Information

 Students will access through bvstudent, staff through bvstaff.  Note: your device must have the WPA2 Enterprise option in order to connect. 

Here is a list of devises/OS's that we have found that will not connect: 

HP Tablet, Vista (or any PreWindows 7) OS, Palm OS, Earlier version of Kindle (Kindle Fire is the exception) & BlackBerry.  This is not an all-inclusive list. There may be others that we have found. 


Device Specific Documents:


Google Drive

Login with your BV email and BV computer password

Student Email

Student email address :

Staff email address:   

There is a staff email directory in your "Shared with Me" google docs.  Sign into your Google Drive to access. 

You can also login through the gmail login.  This will require 2 logins.


Sign in with Student email address &

Computer password

Then it will re-direct you to the BV login page


Computer password

Online Textbooks

Science 6th & 7th grades

Username:  student district email 

Password:  lowercase bv then student id (no space between the bv and student id)

Social Studies (6,8)

Need to enter teacher’s email address

username and password (student picked)

7th GradeSocial Studies

McGraw Hill ConnectED

username:  BVusername+psm

password:  your class continent and hour -- like australia1  except for  asia04 all lowercase

6th - 8th Grade Literature

username: Blue Valley Email

password:  bv + student i.d.

6- 8th Grade Writing

username: Blue Valley Email

password:  bv + student i.d.



school name:  psmsband
password:  BV student ID #


school name: PSMSChoir

password:  BV student ID # 



No username or password required