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Juvenile Justice: Home


If a teen commits a crime, would justice be
served if he/she were punished like an adult who
commits the same crime?

Do teenagers have the same
ability to understand their
actions as adults?

Can juvenile offenders learn from
their mistakes?

Should juveniles convicted of murder
be tried and punished as adults?

Should certain juvenile offenders be sentenced to life in prison without parole?

What is Kansas policy on juveniles in court?  Are juveniles eligible for life imprisonment without parole in Kansas?

Has there been any recent action (protests, lawsuits) to change the current policy? 

Do you agree with Kansas policy? Why or why not?


Juvenile Justice Real Stories Expectations

Research and learn about a juvenile in the court system.  Did the punishment fit the crime?

Be sure to check your facts with at least two other credible sources.  Document sources

Papers must included; details crime committed, time/ place of crime, punishment received, whether punishment was modified for juvenile’s age, personal details of juvenile (age, family life, criminal history)

-our opinion on the issue, do you think the punishment was appropriate for the crime/ juvenile’s age? Why or why not?

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