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People's Impact on Places: Home

Essential Questions

How do physical features impact where people choose to live?

In what ways does scarcity of resources impact the rights of citizens in a region?

To what extent do the scarcity of resources impact the Earth’s geography and its’ residents then, now or in the future?

How do changes in global population distribution affect the world?

Noodle Tools Set Up

1. Login to Noodle Tools

2. Title- Last name, First Name-Hour-Topic

3. Share with Social Studies teacher-hr-People Places

4. Research question: Copy all 4 from Project Page

5. Cite sources before taking notes--Need at least 2 (1 database/encyclopedia and 1 choice source) 

a) Database--use the quick cite copy and paste button and copy the citation given on the database page

b) Website-pull the following information-URL, Publication/copyright date, date of access, author (if there is one), the title of the webpage, and name of the website.

Citations Due Friday @ noon

6. Notecards answer all 4 research questions

a)  Background on Topic

b) Human Impact on Place

c) Effects of Human Impact

Notes Due Monday @ noon

Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Bomb

Hinkley Groundwater

North American Buffalo

The password to access the passwords is our school mascot, plural and lowercase.

World Book Encyclopedia


Global Issues in Context