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Medical Research - Anatomy & Physiology: Home

Research Expectations

Throughout the year, you will research various diseases and create final products to show the class your research. Final products will vary, but your research will have the same expectations:

  • You must use a database to find your information. The two we strongly recommend are Science in Context and ProQuest (found on the right side of this libguide). 
  • You must include the Works Cited entry for your article in your notes page and in your final product.
  • Paraphrase all researched information when answering your questions. Meaning: put everything into your own words; do not simply copy and paste from the article. Paraphrasing will show your teacher that you understand the topic.


Website Disclaimer: You shouldn't need to venture outside of the databases to find information on your topic. In the unlikely event that you do, the website you find must be approved by your teacher and you must provide reasoning for why you need to use a website as opposed to a database. Why? When it comes to medical/scientific information, websites can be highly unreliable and you must work twice as hard to determine if the information is legitimate; whereas, databases feature articles that have gone through several processes to be featured in the database. Also, if you do use a website, the URL is not the Works Cited entry. You must use NoodleTools to create the citation. Not sure how to do this? Click here.  Still confused? Ask a librarian!

Research Project

Here, you will find links to your research projects. For each project, you will need to check the specific requirements linked to see the exact information you need to include and the creative project you are responsible for creating.

Here is a basic overview of information you will need to research:

  • Symptoms of disease
  • Causes of disease
  • Treatment(s)
  • Image(s)
  • Scientific terms discussed in class
  • Works Cited entry for source(s) used

Database Access From Home


Citation Help

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