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Lewis and Clark Book Project: Home

Project Description

Your task will be to research the travels of Lewis and Clark and create a journal or scrapbook documenting their discoveries. Your journal/scrapbook will be created using Book Creator app on the library iPads.

You will use the websites provided and will be expected to cite the websites you use in MLA format. You will also be expected to find pictures that support Lewis and Clark's findings. Each page must contain at least one supporting picture. These pictures must also be cited.

Your journal must be at least 10 pages long, but no longer than 15 pages. Focus points your book must have for your journal entries are listed below:

Why were Lewis and Clark going on this excursion?

Describe the first day of their travel and include the goals that they set for this journey.

Describe their interactions with the American Indians (but not Sacagawea yet!)

Describe their first encounter with Sacagawea and explain how she was a crucial part of the success of their mission.

Compare and contrast the land features that Lewis and Clark traveled across. Include descriptions of the differences in land formation, as well as the flora and fauna.

Identify and explain the challenges that they faced along the way.

Relate the last day of their journey by including their accomplishments, as well as the goals that were not met.



Scoring Guide

Creativity = 5 points


Use of Work time =10 points


Citations =5 points


Pictures (10) = 10 points


Quality of entries (at least ten, creative, informative, fact-based, followed the given prompts) = 20 points


Total : 50 points