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Perspectives and Westward Expansion: Home

Essential Question: What opportunities and conflicts arise when nations collide?


Project Due 2/19

Choose a topic from this list.

Westward Expansion and Eastward Encroachment


Homestead Act


US Government Removal Policy

Mashpee Indian Revolt

Dawes Act (Government)

Dawes Act (Native American)

Sand Creek Massacre  (Native American)   

Sand Creek Massacre (Soldiers)

Origins of Removal Policy (cause)

Origins of Removal Policy (cause)

Trail of Tears  (Government)

Trail of Tears (Native American) 

Usage of trails

Effect on Native Americans

Railroad creation/Land Grants

Chinese Immigrants

Project Ideas

Your project needs to demonstrate the answer to our guiding question:

** What opportunities and conflicts arise when nations collide? **



  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Song (you must perform!)
  • Script between 2 opposing perspectives
  • 3D Printing

Your final project will include:

  • Your research 
  • Presentation to the class
  • Project