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7th Grade - HEI Poster: Home

YOU get to choose a current HEI (Human Environmental Interaction) issue or problem from anywhere in the world and create a poster showing 10 facts about your issue.


Specific Links:

More General Databases:


At home and need access? The password for the password is "password".


Research Tips

Research Quick Tips:

1. Put quotes around a phrase. For example, if your topic is Population Growth, search "Population Growth". 

2. Use the Browse Topics option. This helps you find something similar to your topic to start your research. 

3. Add another term to your topic to narrow your search. For example, "Population Growth" AND environment . 

4. If all else fails, contact Ms. Lasswell! I'm always here for you!

don't cry

Recording Your Research

1. Record your research as you go! Make sure to be logged into to record your sources. 

2. Record your research in this table. 

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