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Chinese Dynasty Timeline

Timeline of Chinese Dynasties and Other Key Events

ca. 2100-1600 BCE Xia (Hsia) Dynasty  
ca. 1600-1050 BCE Shang Dynasty Capitals: near present-day Zhengzhou and Anyang
ca. 1046-256 BCE Zhou (Chou) Dynasty Capitals: Hao (near present-day Xi'an) and Luoyang
  Western Zhou (ca. 1046-771 BCE)  
  Eastern Zhou (ca. 771-256 BCE) Spring and Autumn Period
(770-ca. 475 BCE)
    Confucius (ca. 551-479 BCE)
    Warring States Period
(ca. 475-221 BCE)
221-206 BCE Qin (Ch'in) Dynasty Capital: Chang'an, present-day Xi'an
    Qin Shihuangdi dies, 210 BCE
206 BCE-220 CE Han Dynasty  
  Western/Former Han (206 BCE-9 CE) Capital: Chang'an
    Confucianism officially established as basis for Chinese state by Han Wudi (r. 141-86 BCE)
  Eastern/Later Han (25-220 CE) Capital: Luoyang
220-589 CE Six Dynasties Period Period of disunity and instability following the fall of the Han; Buddhism introduced to China
  Three Kingdoms (220-265 CE) Cao Wei, Shu Han, Dong Wu
  Jin Dynasty (265-420 CE)  
  Period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386-589 CE)  
581-618 CE Sui Dynasty Capital: Chang'an
618-906 CE Tang (T'ang) Dynasty Capitals: Chang'an and Luoyang
907-960 CE Five Dynasties Period  
960-1279 Song (Sung) Dynasty  
  Northern Song (960-1127) Capital: Bianjing (present-day Kaifeng)
  Southern Song (1127-1279) Capital: Lin'an (present-day Hangzhou)
1279-1368 Yuan Dynasty The reign of the Mongol empire; Capital: Dadu (present-day Beijing)
1368-1644 Ming Dynasty Re-establishment of rule by Han ruling house; Capitals: Nanjing and Beijing
1644-1912 Qing (Ch'ing) Dynasty Reign of the Manchus; Capital: Beijing
1912-1949 Republic Period Capitals: Beijing, Wuhan, and Nanjing
1949-present People's Republic of China Capital: Beijing



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