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1960s Research: Home

Library Resources for the 1960s


Below you will find resources for researching the 1960s. This is not an exhaustive list, but a good way to start your research.

When you want to search for more specific information in the databases here are the dos and don'ts.

DO: search specific terms connected with AND...

Example: 1960s AND music will search for sources containing the words 1960s and music

DON'T search a question like "What was the music of the 1960s?"
DO: Click on "Advanced Search" to put filters on your search if you get too many, like reading level or document type.

DON'T give up after one search term doesn't give you what you want. Try rearranging the words or using synonyms for the word. 

Example: "1960s Cars" doesn't bring up anything, try "1960s AND automobiles"

Looking for images? SIRS ProQuest is a good spot! Click here to access.

Another great database to do general searching is Gale. Click here to access

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