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Genetics Research Project: Home

Students will research different genetic engineering issues that face the world today. They will then take a pro or con stance on the issue and state why.

Timeline and Due Dates

Thursday, Feb. 21-Intro Notes, NT, & Read

Friday, Feb. 22-Research

Monday, Feb. 25-Research

If research not completed by the beginning of class TUESDAY, FEB. 26– you WILL write a paper for your project

Feb. 26-Mar. 4 Project Work

Project Due End of the Hour Monday, Mar. 4


Click above to access NoodleTools!

 1. Create a Project in Noodle Tools titled: Last Name, First Name-Genetics Topic

2. Share your project. Choose your correct hour! Example: teacher's name-Hour

3. Correctly add each source to your works cited. (Min. 3 sources)

4. Cite each of the pictures you use in your project.

Genetics Unit Project Issues

1. Genetic Engineering 

Genetic Engineering will lead to scientific breakthroughs.

Genetic Engineering should be banned due to safety concerns.

Google Doc Notes 1

2. Genetic Disorder

Many human diseases have a genetic component that results in genetic disorders. Choose a genetic disorder from the given Disorder List to research and inform your peers in a unique and interactive presentation.

Google Doc Notes 2

3. Animal Cloning

Animal cloning can lead to medical breakthroughs.

Animal cloning should not be permitted due to too many risks.

Google Doc Notes 3

4. Gene Therapy

Gene therapy can lead to medical breakthroughs.

Gene therapy should not be permitted due to many risks. 

Google Doc Notes 4

5. Genetically Modified Foods

Labeling genetically modified foods will allow consumers to know exactly what is in their food.

Labeling genetically modified foods do NOT serve any scientific purpose and will only make food more expensive.

 Google Doc Notes 5

Submit your Google Drive notes to your Canvas Assignment-Genetics Project Notes

Database Passwords

The password to access the passwords is our school mascot, plural and lowercase.

Good Note Example:

  • "In 2018, about 440,000 people worldwide, mainly children younger than 5, died of malaria -- nearly one every minute" (Greely).
  • Scientists can genetically modify mosquitos and make them immune to malaria

Bad Note Example:

  • People think GMOs are bad for you.
  • Some scientists believe gene therapy is good.