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What's Your Passion? - ABMS 6th Grade Passion Project: Home

6th Grade Passion Project


What's Your Passion?


Topic and Resource Suggestions

Topic Searching & Questioning site - Wonderopolis 

ART - Nelson Atkins Museum, Kemper Museum of Contemporary ArtDIY Art, MoMa

Coding/Gaming/Web Design/Programming - Codemoji, Codecademy, AdobeSpark, GoogleSites, Gamefroot

Comic Book/Graphic Novel Creator - Pixton, Adobe Spark, Canva, Smilebox, storyboardthat

Health & Medicine - NatGeo for Kids, Science News Health & Medicine, Ducksters Science

Engineering & Construction - Rube Goldberg, Big Ideas DIY, Hands-on Engineering, Engineering for Kids, Mechanical Engineering, Lego Ideas

3D Printing - 3D Printing Basics, 3D InsiderTinkerkad, Thingiverse

Robotics -, robotics, Encyclopedia Britannica- Robotics, Science Magazine - Robotics

Knitting & Crochet - The Spruce Crafts, Martha Stewart, Knitting for Beginners, How to Knit, How to Crochet

Sewing - We All Sew, Crazy Little Projects, Sewing Tutorials, Bernina Sewing Machines

Crafting/DIY -, DIYNetwork for Kids, theSpruceCrafts

Cooking & Baking - Virtual Cooking Classes, Cake Design

Pets - DK Pet Care, ASPCA, SprucePets

Sports - ESPN, NY Times Sports, NBC Sports

Space Exploration/NASA -, SpaceX,,,

Cars & Mechanics - Khan Academy- Automechanic, Automechancis for Beginners,

Music - Music Notes, How to Read Sheet Music, ukele, KC Symphony

Blogging & Podcasts - BrightHub, edublog, blogger, weebly

Film/Video/Photography - Beginner film photography, Masterclass-photography, NYFA - Filmmaking, Filmmaking DIY

Fashion & Design - Fashion History TimelineDIY Fashion Design for Kids, Kids Think Design

Learn a Foreign Language - Babbel, Duolingo


Watch and Listen!

Presentation Examples - These are suggestions. You might have a better idea!


Poster designs, slide show presentations, infographics, etc.


 - slide show presentations


 - video making


- poster design

poster design

Pic Collage


 - Video Maker


 - Storytelling