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Ogallala Aquifer PSA: Home

Your PSA announcement needs to have:

1) How the choices of humans has impacted amount of remaining water in the aquifer now and in the future. 

2) How does the overuse of the aquifer affect the economy of Kansas.

3) How would the overuse contribute to potential issues the Unites States could face?

4) How would the elimination of the aquifer affect the people in Overland Park, Kansas?

**You may use any platform to answer the above questions. Be creative and make sure everyone participates!**

-At least 1 minute long
-Include at least 2-3 sources
-Must include a minimum of 2 photos, charts, video clips. etc.
-Must answer the questions listed above

1. Login to Noodle Tools  

2. Title- Last name, First Name--Selected Topic

Ex. Wayne, John--Horseback Riding

3. Share with Social Studies teacher

4. Cite at least 2 sources before taking notes--

Database-->Copy & Paste the given citation--How To Video

Website-->Pull Information and plug into the correct fields--How To Video