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The Cay - Informational Text & Cause and Effect: Home

This guide will provide 6th students with Informational text to correspond with their reading of The Cay by, Theodore Taylor.

Essential Questions

What are the Cause and Effect relationships within the novel of The Cay by, Theodore Taylor?

The Cay - Cause and Effect Project

Cause and Effect Storyboard

Using the Storyboard That website create 5 cause and effect relationships within the novel, The Cay.  Brainstorm 5 cause/effect relationships before using the site.  These relationships could be between character & character, character & event, and/or character & setting. Make sure you choose appropriate backgrounds and characters that match the storyline.  

Use the first part of your school email address as your username (leave off the to set-up your account for Storyboard That.  We will provide further instructions when introducing the assignment.


Use this link to get further directions:  Link