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US History Final - Bishop: Home

Final Project Guidelines

For your final project of the semester, you will choose one of the following options:

1.  Social movement impact analysis

2.  Essential Question:  Has America fulfilled its mission statement?

3.  Essential Question:  Was the Civil Rights Movement a success?

You must use a minimum of 3 sources and incorporate both primary and secondary sources into your project.

The format in which you choose to present your information is up to you.  You must make sure that you adhere to the description and requirements of the project.

Works Cited


  • Databases allow you to export or copy/paste works cited citations into NoodleTools.
  • Websites require you to create the works cited entry.  Please ask Mrs. Bowlin or Mrs. Chopp for help if you need it.


Presentation Ideas

  • Write a paper
  • Create a documentary with iMovie
  • Create a multimedia web page or short movie with Adobe Spark
  • Create a multimedia web site with Wix, Weebly, or Google Sites
  • Create a graphic novel using (see Mrs. Bowlin if you want to pursue this option)